Signup for your account or sign in if you already have account. This account lets you manage your stores on the go. 

Note:  For that first, install the admin app of from the play store. Use this link if you are an Android user 

Open your new store and the smart menu on top and shortcuts on the bottom menus leads you to control store features such as Store setting, Product adds, Category adds, Order manages, app export etc., Let's look at Product Add

In the Top Menu, Choose the products.

Fill up the following details to create a product
Product image: Upload your category image (Use 500*500 size will be better to display on showcase)
Product name: Give your product a name
Model Name: Add the model name of your product (It's for official shop purposes)
Current stock: Enter the total quantity available in the store for this specific product.
MRP: Add the selling price of the product  
Special Price: Add the discount price (strike through selling price and display this special price) 
Description: Describe and explain the benefits of your product.
Status: Choose the enable status of the product to display on the store 
Category mapping: Choose the category for this product  (Select subcategory and parent category to display products on category pages for your customer to see quickly)

Finally, click the submit button to save the product and "Swipe left" to edit or delete the category.

Similarly, add all your products to showcase your store and open your store to see how it presents to your customer.

Website view

Mobile app view


Minicart website and mobile view

Congrats!!! Now that your Product is ready, you can start selling this product.