Returning the product is not an easy one that becomes complicated while it comes under online sales.  But our helps to manage your "Returns" easily.  Let look at it briefly about below

The first thing you need to do Login your admin panel and find the returns section.  The section is located in Sales > Returns and is very easy to find as you see in the image below.

Let's see first how your customer makes returns from your website. If customers want to return the goods, they must have already ordered and purchased the goods. You can see already made an order image below for your reference.

This is the order information that customers see when they click on History. Order History is a convenient way for your customer to track current and past orders and their status in the order process. 

As you can see, there are two options - reorder (blue shopping cart) and return (red arrow). Click the red arrow to return the products

This Return button takes to this Return form that customers have to fill out in order to submit a product return to your store. The first few fields are standard customer and order information. The fields highlighted in the above image are the concerns of actual product return details to fill up.

Reason for Return - The options available to customers are shown in the picture and shop owners can create a reason for them.

Below that, customers need to define whether or not they have opened the product.
The final field is an open text area in which customers can write any comments or details about the item they want to return.
Once your customer submits, their return details are automatically transferred to the admin panel return module section for you to keep track of.

Click the pencil button to Edit Product Return section and all of the editing options you have. This field shows you all the necessary information about your customer return request.

You can see the two tabs above. One is "General" and the other is "history". In this General tab, the first-half information is standard customer and order information.


The second half of the section shows the product information and the customer’s reason for submitting the return request.

The most important field in this section is the last one - Return Action.

This is where you as a store admin make the final decision whether this return is acceptable or not. There are three options - Credit Issued, Refunded, and Replacement Sent.

Based on the information you have from your customer, it is up to you to decide which of these options you should choose and can also create your own actions from System> Localisation> Return > Return Action.

The second History tab allows you to update the return status to your customer

Select your return status and add a comment of what you need to inform. If you want to notify this customer then click on the 'Notify' checkbox and finally click the "Add History" button".

Customer get their return status from their Account> Return history

At last, Return management help you to know the purpose of customer return and get more loyal customers.