Here you can manage your User Profile. Your profile can be found at the head of the screen and marked on the below image

Click your profile button to edit it

User Name: Create your username, which is your identity online to login
First & Last Name:  You can fill in your name in the first name field as well as fill in your family name in the last name field.
E-Mail: Ensure that you have typed your email ID correctly, which will help you to reset your password if you forgot
Image: You can browse a photo to set as your admin profile picture
Password:  Type your password twice is to ensure that there are no accidental spelling errors in their password.

Finally, check that all the mandatory (*) are filled, and pressing the 'Save' button in the upper right corner will save the information.

The result of the User profile used can be seen in the screenshot below

Click the forgotten password if you forgot, Check your email inbox for a password reset  

Let's look at how your profile will display in Admin panel 

In Website View, 

In Mobile View,