Here you can learn how to add Google Analytics to your store and website/app.  Plus, how to set up a Google Analytics account!  
Let’s take a tour by exploring the setup of Google Analytics
Login to your admin page, visit → the Navigation panel → Theme → Analytics.

On that page, already has a list of your store name, just click the pencil icon to add details

If you have Google analytics account and know the code means just copy here and save it

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, you do not know about it? No worries just click popup with the link "Google Analytics"

Now let's look at how to create your Google Analytics account

Step 1: Click the "start for free" button

Step 2: Sign in to your Google Account here, this account will longer be used to track your store traffic. You can also create a free account form here
Step 3: Now you can see the Analytics welcome page and click the "start measuring" button

Step 4: Fill in the Account setup

Provide an account (business) name. Configure the data-sharing settings to control which data you share with Google and Click Next to add the first property to the account.

Step 5: Property Setup. Enter the property name of the website or app (e.g. "My Business, Inc website") and select the reporting time zone and currency.

Step 6: Click Show advanced options (below the property-setup fields). Turn on the switch for Create a Universal Analytics property and Enter the website URL. Select the protocol (http or https).

Both a Google Analytics 4 property and a Universal Analytics property or Only a Universal Analytics property. Choose this option if you only want a Universal Analytics property. If you need a "UA-" tracking ID, choose this option.

Step 7: Click Next and provide information about your business. 

Step 8: Click Create and Accept the Analytics Terms of Service and the Data Processing Amendment if prompted, and click Finish. Successfully Google analytics account was created and then you can see the admin page like the screenshot below

Global site Tag ->Copy the codes and paste them in your store Analytics code 

Finally, click the Save button. Congratulations! Now your shop website/app are ready with Google Analysis