The product viewed report helps you to get a clear idea of the products that are most viewed or least viewed by your audience. 

Note: This report can be accessed through Reports >> report type.

First, select the report type to find specific details of the report and the example screenshot is above. Once selected click the filter to load the report.

Well, now the eleventh view type Product viewed report

The product viewed report displays the following information: 

Product Name: Lists the name of the product.

Model: The Model number or name that was used for the product.

Viewed: It will show the number of customers who saw that product on the front of the store.

Percent: Percentage of views for this particular product from all views for products on the site.

Note: If you want to create or edit product, go to Catalog > Product.

Clicking the "Reset" button will clear the information below and reset the report to only collect information from that moment on. 

We can simply say that button helps to “Refresh” the report.