Customer reward points report helps you to track the customer wise "loyalty points" for purchased products from the store.

This report can be accessed through Reports >> report type

Let’s look fourth view type Customer reward points

The following information will be displayed about customer reward point usage: 

Customer Name: listing your customer name

E-Mail: Email address of the customer

Customer Group: The customer group the customer is categorized in.

Status: Shows if the customer is currently allowed to login to their store account.

Reward Points: The amount of reward points obtained by this customer. Reward points can be acquired by a customer by purchasing a product with reward points designated to it under its Data tab under Catalog>Products. 

No. Orders: The total number of orders made by this customer.

Total: The total amount purchased from this customer.

Clicking "Edit" under "Action" will direct you to that specific customer's edit form under Sales >order

If you would like to look up a particular customer, you can use "Filter" as a shortcut to search for it. Customers can be filtered by selecting a start and end date