The customer Order report displays a list of your customer sale Orders. This report helps you to get knowledge about the sales order status between your store and customer. 

This report can be accessed through Reports >> report type. 

Let’s look at third view type Customer order report

The following information will be displayed about customer orders: 

Customer Name: listing your customer name

E-Mail: Email address of the customer

Customer Group: The customer group the customer is categorized in.

Status: This shows if the customer is currently allowed to login to their store account.

No. Orders: The total number of orders made by this customer.

No. Products: The total number of products purchased by this customer.

Total: The total amount purchased from this customer. Customers are arranged on the list from the highest amount to the lowest.

Clicking "Edit" under "Action" will direct you to that specific customer's edit form under Sales >order. 

If you would like to look up a particular customer, you can use "Filter" as a shortcut to search for it. Customers can be filtered by selecting a start, end date and status of the order such as complete, Canceled, Canceled Reversal, Chargeback, Denied, Expired, Failed, Pending, Processed, Processing, Refunded, Reversed, Shipped, and Voided.