Customer transaction reports help to get knowledge about the transaction between your store and the customer. 

This report can be accessed through Reports >> report type.

First, select the report type to find specific details of the report and the example screenshot is above. Once selected click the filter to load the report.

Well, now the first view type customer transaction report 

The following information will be displayed about customer transactions:

Customer Name: listing your customer name

E-Mail: Email address of the customer

Customer Group: The customer group the customer is categorized in.

Status: This shows if the customer is currently allowed to log in to their store account.

Total: The total amount purchased from this customer.

Note: To create a new customer group name, go to Sales> Customers> Customer Groups page

Clicking "Edit" under "Action" will direct you to that specific customer's edit form under Sales > Customer. The delete button will remove that selected specific customer transaction.

If you would like to look up a particular customer, you can use "Filter" as a shortcut to search for it. Customers can be filtered by selecting a start and end date.