The dashboard gives you an overview of what’s happening with your store currently. You can track the real-time status of your business by the variety of statistic reports such as

  1. Total Orders

  2. Total Sales

  3. Total Customers

  4. People online

  5. World Map

  6. Sales Analytics

  7. Recent Activity

  8. Latest orders

Note: Dashboard can be accessed through the Navigation > Dashboard. 

Let’s look at each one in detail 

  1. Total orders

The Total orders tell you how many sales orders your store currently has. You can see how many percent of the total orders increase from yesterday's sales order in the corner of the widget. 

View the total order page list by clicking the View more button.

    2.Total sales

The Total sales widget shows you the total number of sales values as per K, M in your dashboard. 

1K = 1 x 1000 = 1000.

1M=1,000,000 (One Million)


K means 3 numerical’s after the coefficient of K

M means 6 numerical’s after the coefficient of M

You can see how many percent of the total sales value increase from yesterday's sales in the corner of the widget. Clicking on View more at the end of the widget will display details of sales by their status.

  1. Total Customers

The customer widget tells you how many customers are currently signed into your store. You can see how many percent of the total customer increase from yesterday's in the corner of the widget. View the list of customer details by clicking the View More button. 

  1. People online

The "People online widget" will tell you about how many users are currently viewing your store. Clicking on View more at the end of the widget will display details of online viewing customers by their status. 

  1. World Map

The World Map helps you understand how many orders your web store has from different countries. Displayed the sales details of the country by just having to hover the mouse over the country  

  1. Sales Analytics

Sales analysis shows sales chart for orders and customers. Details can filter by track today, week, month and year. Using data analytics, you can monitor customer activity and link to specific sales efforts. This data helps you to assume sales strategy and take action to move forward 

  1. Recent activity

Recent activity widget helps you find the Customer's recent five Activities eg. Customer register, login, add an address, modify the profile, etc.,. Once you click the customer name then you can start seeing the customer details page. You can see the total customer activities details of the reporting page also.

  1. Latest orders

This latest order widget will help you check a quick overview of the recent five order details. Click the Eye Button Options, which will display particular ordered details with the Order History page very easily and quickly.