Creation of parent and sub-category

The Category tab lets you view and create a category of products that you want to get sales on. You can edit categories by clicking the edit pencil button. Sort Order Column List helps you identify which order wise placed in the app category list.  

Click the top left "+ button to create a new category. 

Update these five tabs corresponding values to create the category.

First, let's look at the General tab page for what field is required to fill 

Category name: Give a name to your category 

Description: Describe the details of your category 

Meta tag title and Meta tag Description: The title meta tag and meta tag description of a given type of page are usually displayed whenever that page appears in search engine results. 

Second, Let’s update the Data tab page for what field is required to fill 

Parent: Here you can select the parent type if you want to add this category as a sub-type of one category. 

Filters: Here can select the filter category which helps your visitor to narrow their category search 

Stores: Be able to choose the default section of your store setting to this category Eg. Pagination etc., 

Image: Choose your category image which can be shown on the app 

Top: You can decide whether or not you want to see the top menu of the website 
Columns: This Column number controls your category subcategories to how many lists should be displayed when selecting the parent category. 

Sort order: The given number determines the sequence of the category in the ascending order menu. Eg. 1, the sorting sequence 2, 3, and so on. 

Status: With this option, you can decide to view or hide the category in the front view of the App Store. If you have disabled it is still available in the admin panel to edit it.

Note: If the category parent option is not selected, it will not be sorted under any other category. So it means the parent category. 

Note: If the sort order option did not fill up, it will organize the order by alphabetical.view of the list.

Third, Let’s update the SEO tab page for what field is required to fill

Keyword: Here the given keyword allows search engine optimized URLs by category. 

Finally, check that all the mandatory are filled in and press the 'Save' button in the upper right corner will save the information.

Let's look at how's your category will display at the front end of your store.


Congrats!!! Now that your category is ready, you can add your products to these categories.