Stock status can be used to manage the Product stocks.  This Stock status list page can be found under

Log in to your admin panel and go to system>Localization> stock status. Obviously, all Stock statuses are already on the list, if you need can add more! 

Let’s take a tour by exploring the setup of Stock status.

These Stock statuses can be used to manage the customer order status. Each Stock status can be individually disabled, by editing them. The Stock status can be deleted as well. 

Note: The only problem with deleting stock status is that stock status information will be deleted along with it.

You can edit the Stock status by clicking the edit pencil button.

Checking an individual box in the first column will select the Stock status within the same row. Once selected, you can choose to "delete" the Stock status on the top left corner and click the "+" button to add new. 

Follow the two steps to create stock status

  1. Enter the stock status name
  2. Click the save button 

Then product stock list will be available on the Product add/edit --> Data tab --->  Stock status list, There you can choose the status of stock 

Well! The result of product stock status updated can be seen in the screenshot below 

Congratulations!!! Now your product stock level is readily visible to the public, which will help your customers make informed decisions to purchase.