You can generate a coupon code to promote your business. Coupons are possible for specific products or product categories

The coupon can create under this path of Marketing >> Coupon 

This coupon tab lets you view and create a new coupon that you want to get sales on. You can edit coupons by clicking the edit pencil button. Coupon name, code, discount, date start to end and status column list helps you identify the coupon wise. If you would like to look up a coupon in the list, you can use "Filter" as a shortcut to search for it.   

Checking an individual box in the first column will select the coupon information within the same row. Once selected, you can choose "Create new" or "Delete" the coupon on the top left corner. Click the pencil icon to edit the coupon.

Click this "+” to create a new coupon. Click the "Delete" button to remove the coupon selection (including its information) completely.

Note: Mandatory Operational Marks( * ) are required to be filled out.

Now, let's look at how to create a new coupon and for what field is required to fill up in coupon General tab page

Click the top left + button to create a new coupon.

Coupon Name*Give a name to your coupon
Code*Enter the coupon code. This code can be entered by your customer on the front of the store.
TypeChoose the type of coupon discount that can be a fixed amount off, or a percentage off from the total amount.
DiscountEnter the coupon discount values that will be taken off from the purchase total.
Total AmountYou can restrict before applying to use the coupon if your customer reaches your given total value to qualify.
Customer LoginSelecting 'yes' requires the customer to be logged into their store account to use the coupon. Selecting 'no' will let a customer use the coupon as a guest.
Free ShippingSelecting 'yes' gives the customer free shipping for using the discount code.
CategorySelecting a product category will apply the discount to all products within that category.
ProductsIndividual products can be selected by entering the product name in the space provided. To remove a product from the discount, click the red minus button in the product list below it.
Date StartChoose the date the first date the discount can be used.
Date EndChoose the last date available for use of the discount; the date the discount will end.
Uses per CouponYou can set limits on how many times the coupon can be used by customers.
Uses per CustomerYou can set limits on how many times a specific customer can use the coupon.
StatusWith this option, you can decide to use or not the coupon in the front view of the App Store. If you have disabled it is still available in the admin panel to edit it.

Finally, check that all the mandatory (*) are filled, and pressing the 'Save' button in the upper right corner will save the information.

Let's take a look at how the coupon code works from the front end of your store


Below example mobile screenshot that if Applying the coupon how will subtract the coupon discount from the original total.

Congratulations !!! Now you can create your own store coupon to give a great reward to the customer who buys it.