I.AM.RETAILER offers a subscription plan for every business, which gives you access to an easy-to-use admin panel for creating your own website and mobile app, adding products to it, processing orders, and entering store data etc.,
Let’s take a quick look at what we’re going to discuss in the upcoming topics

  1. Signup with I.AMRETAILER
  2. Create your website and app store
  3. Choose a face of your store
  4. Configure your store details
  5. Update your product and category 
  6. Shipping & Delivery
  7. Online & Manual payment
  8. Launch your store
Congratulations on starting your journey with I.AM.RETAILER. We’re excited you’re here and can’t wait to help you get started.

1. Sign Up with I.AM.RETAILER
Visit the website www.iamretailer.com and click the "Signup" button in the upper right
Fill in your form details and click on "SIGNUP" button. If you already have an account, click the login button below

Start selling in your online store next 14 days

The challenge is to start your online business with Rs. 0 and earn Rs.1000 in the next 14 days.

All of the tools and features offer are free 14 days trial. After 14 days, you can pay Rs.1000 for the tools and continue the business or try something else.

Your goal is to create sales, so don’t worry about the details. In most cases, the first store name, product image and banner design will enough. Do it and ship. Make sure your store going to starts soon and focus on generating sales. You can make changes later whenever you want.

2. Create your website and app store
Complete the 3 steps to starting your store successfully

Step 1: Basic Information
Step 2: Billing Address
Step 3: Choose a plan
Fill up the captcha and click the "Submit" button to save
Note: Find the extended letters or numbers and type them correctly. Do not use space between captcha characters. If difficult to identify, click the "Refresh" button next to it

3. Choose a face of your store

Website faces: 
Click on that store link and visit. Website Subscription shop faces are ready to activate. Choose the right face for your business. All of your feature requirements are available on Faces.

Web Face 1: Meat shop  

Web Face 2: Kids shop


Web Face 3: Bazaar shop

Web Face 4: Flower shop 

Web Face 5: Electronic store

Once you find something you like, click the form link to fill it out and let us know what your requirements are.
Requirement form of Website face: 

Click to fillup


App Faces:
Click on that link and visit try the app faces. App Subscription shop faces are ready to activate with colour variants. Choose the right face for your business. All of your feature requirements are available on App Faces.

You can choose the theme and colour variant app from this link
App Faces link: https://admin.iamretailer.com/public/themes/appthemes

Once you find something you like, click the form link to fill it out and let us know what your requirements are.
Requirement form of App face: 

Click to fillup


4. Configure your store details
After you’ve signed up, you’ll be directed straight to your store admin screen from your I.AM.RETAILER account. Now you are ready to start customizing your store, uploading products, and setting up payments and shipping.

Login to your admin page, visit → the Navigation panel → System → Store setting.

You can easily update your store details. If you have any difficulties get a "How to set up your store setting" video tutorial and learning guide.

5. Update your product and category 
Your products are the heart and soul of your online store. And adding your products with I.AM.RETAILER is as easy as it gets. Check this out:
  • Log in to your store Admin.
  • Click on Catalog → Products/category on the left side of your Control Panel. Then select “Add New Product/New category.” 
  • Add your Category name, product image, name, and price.
  • And that's it!
Then when you're ready, come on back to add helpful details like sizes, brands, colours, and more to explain all your product's features and benefits and help curious shoppers make purchase decisions even faster.

And the look at the view of products how it displayed from the website/ app front face

Still not 100% confident? Check out our video below to see how a product gets added step-by-step.

6. Shipping & Delivery
Get automatic rates from a shipping carrier, set a flat rate, limit shipping by location, or set custom rates that depend on product weight, order cost and delivery destination.

Include the shipping rate in the product price and offer free shipping for everyone. Customers LOVE free shipping!

Specify your business hours and pickup location, and give customers brief instructions on how to pick up their purchases.
Make sure your products have the "Required shipping" setting enabled

If you sell digital products (images, books, music) or in-person services, you're already in the clear. Just make sure your products have the "Requires Shipping" setting turned off and you're good to go ?

7. Online & Manual payment
You’re almost ready to launch your store! But first, you'll need to decide how you'll get paid. If you're not sure which payment gateway to choose, we recommend you go with I.AM.RETAILER instant payment solution. Just provide your Bank details alone for it.

If you are going to get manual payments: cash on delivery, bank transfers, or literally anything else!
Go to Admin→ Theme → Payment,  Open your Payment Method page and then,
Choose your payment method (customers will see this payment method name as an option at checkout) and you can set custom rates that depend on order cost and delivery destination. Set payment instructions (tell your customers how their orders will be processed).

Process orders (Online and manual payment orders will be marked as “Awaiting Payment”). 

Then, after you collect the funds, just mark the order as “Paid” in your control panel. You can notify your customer of each entry status of the order.

8. Launch your store
Now that you’ve set up your store, Get ready to start selling— from launching the store and marketing it to fulfilling orders and capturing more sales.

It’s time to welcome existing and new customers to your store. Reach out to all the shoppers who knew about your brand, interact with you in some way at the store, and who you have contact information on. 

You can do this in a few ways:
  • Send your existing customers an email to notify them about your online store.
  • Share the announcement on social media with a link to your new store. 
  • Chat or share status to your customers about your online store launch to make sure they don’t miss the news about your store launch.
  • Send your followers a message on Facebook/Instagram to let them know about the online store.

? Congratulations! We have covered some basic steps and given you some ideas to consider, using this to build your online store to provide the best shopping experience for your customer.

Everything is ready in your hand to start and grow your business.

Just click here, to start it ?? 
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