We can add all the ad-on extensions that can be installed after the mobile api base extension installation successful. This extension is used to App Export with admin panel. 

Step by step guide to export your app from your admin panel:

  1. Extension for the app export(AppExport.ocmod.zip) presents inside the folder buyer -> code & extensions -> adons

  1. From your admin panel go to the menu Extension -> Installer

Click on the upload button and upload the Appexport.ocmod.zip

Once uploaded at the end you can able to see the extension at the end of the list

  1. Next go to Extensions -> Modifications menu. You can view the newly added extension.

Next click on the refresh button to refresh the modifications

  1. Next go to the menu Extensions -> Extensions and from the Choose the extension type dropdown select the Modules

You will be able to see the App Export Extension

Click the install button to install the extension in your system

Once installed successfully click the edit icon.

  1. You will be able to see the App Export Form now

  1. Fill all the fields with valid information provided as below and click on the save button

Package id: It must be in the format of package with one dotted or 2 dotted String (Ex: 

                     com.iamretailer, in.iar.net etc..)

App Name:  Provide your app name

Version Code:  Integer number (Ex:  1 or 2 ...)

Version Name: Floating number (Ex: 1.1, 1.11, 2.1 ...) (When every play store updates upload need to increase both version code and number and builder you apk)

App Icon:  Must upload the 512 * 512 px app icon and image must be with the extension .png. You can generate your app icon via https://appicon.co/ 

Logo: Height must be max 50px and .png format

Splash Logo:  Height must be max 250px and .png format

Is Return Need: If you wish to provide your customer order return option mark it enabled else skipped

Is Whatsapp Need:  If you wish to provide your customer can contact you via whatsapp with the home screen whatsapp chat button. You can select it. On selecting that it will open a Whatsapp number field there provide your whatsapp number with country code extension without + or anyother special characters and spaces (Ex: 919965077905  - in this 91 - country code 9965077905 - whatsapp number)

Theme Variant:  You can choose the design you wish for your app

Theme Color:  Each design has 4 to 5 colors option you can choose with this

License key:  You must place your obtained license key from our support team. If you still not requesting the key kind raise ticket with http://support.iamretailer.com/support/tickets/new

Status:  Change to Enabled.

  1. Once all the information is added save the data using the save button. On save success you will receive the success message.

  1. Next Click on the Generate Button

If the provided information is wrong it will alert you with the error information. On generate success it will alert you with the success message 

  1. After getting the success message within 30 minutes you will get the apk link in the email configured in your admin panel store settings. 

  1. After getting the success message within 30 minutes you will get the apk link in the email configured in your admin panel store settings.

  1. If facing any issues on app generation you can raise a ticket with support.iamretailer.com with your admin panel credential. 

Congratulations! Now you are ready to export your app in admin panel.