The delivery boy app is for delivery boys, allowing them to get assigned delivery orders by the executive/shop owner.

Let's look to setup the delivery boy app:


     1. Log in to the Admin panel


     2. Click the Delivery Boys menu to add the delivery boy details

     3. Here you can add the Name, Phone, Email  (others fields are optional), On the 2nd tab give the delivery boy code

     4. Click the Save button 

     5. From the list we can modify the existing details by clicking the pencil icon

     6. Assign the order to the delivery boy - Sales>Order>Edit choose the delivery boy name by typing inthe text box and click the map button to map the delivery boy with the order 

     7. Change the status as assigned and click Add History

     8. Open the app and give the domain name

     9. Click the login button  and give the mobile number which is mapped with the admin

     10. You will be getting OTP to your registered email id

     11. Here delivery boy can see the assigned orders

     12. Click view details to see the order details and customer details

     13. Once delivered update the order status  as shipped

     14. We can see the Delivered orders in admin by Shipped Status

Congratulations! Now you are ready to map orders for the delivery guy and get more sales.