The Banner tab allows you to view and create the banner you want to advertise. For Website, having a variety of sections to add banners, you can choose the title banner list and edit banners by clicking the Pencil Edit button. An enabled column helps you understand which banner is activated for use.

The Banner module is located under Design >> Banners

Already section-wise banner lists are available so you can just edit to add the banner and enable it

There are four section banner slots available on the Website home page

1. Main Banner home slide

2. Banner Top

3. Banner Middle

4. Banner Bottom

First, Let's look around how to add home main banner


Status: With this option, you can decide to view or hide the banner list in the front view of the App Store. If you have disabled it is still available in the admin panel to edit it.




Titletitle already available


The address of the page to which the customer will be sent when they click on the icon in the banner. In this case, you want to attach the image to a banner page. The link does not require the "" section.


 clicking "Browse Folders" will lead the administrator to the Image manager to upload a new image

Sort Order

The given number determines the sequence of the banner in the ascending order menu. Eg. 1, the sorting sequence 2, 3, and so on.

Product (it's only applicable for mobile apps)

 You can link the product for the banner which needs to show when clicking on the banner.

Additional banner image: Press "( + ) Add image" to the additional banner list of the product and the given sort order number determines the sequence of the product image. Click "( - ) Remove" to remove the image from the product

Finally, check that all the mandatory (*) are filled and pressing the 'Save' button in the upper right corner will save the information.

Now we have detailed looked upon the homepage slide banner. Similarly, add the other section banner as well 

Let's look, how your banner will reflect the front end of the Website

Congrats!!! Now that your banner is ready, you can start to catch the customer's eye and direct them to special products in the store.