We can add all the ad-on extensions that can be installed after the mobile API base extension installation successful. This extension is used to show the list of products when the banner of the home page clicked. 

Let's look to setup the configuration

  1. First, go to the Extension module of the Navigation panel. There you can Upload and Install the  bannerprduct.ocmod.zip under the folder path of code & extensions / adons via the Extension/Installer menu

  1. Once installed then go to the Extensions > Modifications menu. There click the refresh button at the top

  1. Next, go to Extension> Extension menu. Select "Modules" from the drop-down list. There you will find the Banner Product Extension name. Click the green button to install and enable the banner product in the Edit option.

  1. That's all! your extension is installed successfully. Hope it’s a piece of cake to do

Now let’s look how to add banners

  • Go to Design > Banners

  • Add new or edit the existing banner

  • Banner Name: Give the name of your banner list

  • Status: With this option, you can decide to view or hide the banner list in the front view of the App Store. If you have disabled it is still available in the admin panel to edit it.

  • Title: Give the name of your banner image and which name will visible on mouse over the image

  • Image:  clicking "Browse Folders" will lead the administrator to the Image manager to upload a new image

  • Sort Order: The given number determines the sequence of the product in the ascending order menu. Example. 1, the sorting sequence 2, 3, and so on.

  • Product:  You can link the product for the banner which needs to show when clicking on the banner.

Note:  If you don't want the home screen banner clickable you can disable/enable the banner clickable via the mode on the Android App source code. Under of path of below


public static int need_banner_product=1; // if it is 1 when click on the banner it ll show the detail screen to show the related products else it ll not load the banner products

Finally, check that all the mandatory (*) are filled and pressing the 'Save' button in the upper right corner will save the information.

Congrats!!! Now that your banner is ready, you can start to catch the customer's eye and direct them to special products in the store.