We can add all the ad-on extensions that can be installed after the mobile API base extension installation successful. This extension is used to display a maximum of 5 categories and its mapped products on the home screen in a dynamic manner.

Let's look to setup the configuration

  1. First, go to the Extension module of the Navigation panel. There you can Upload and Install the CategorySpecialroduct3.ocmod.zip file under the path of folder code & extensions / adons via the Extension/Installer menu

  1. Once installed then go to the Extensions > Modifications menu. There click the refresh button at the top

  1. Next, go to Extension> Extension menu. Select "Modules" from the drop-down list. There you will find the Category Special Product Extension name. Click the green button to install and enable the Category Special product in the Edit option.

  1. That's all! your extension is installed successfully. Hope it’s a piece of cake to do

Now let’s look at how to add categorize special products

  • Go to the Catalog > categories. 

  • There you can select Add new or Edit existing category 


  • Select the fifth page of products 

  • Add your wish list of products 

  • Finally, added products will be shown on your app home screen

Note : Whatever the categories which have data on the products tab will be shown on the home screen. Max you can load 5 categories and each category max 10 products.

Finally, check that all the mandatory (*) are filled and pressing the 'Save' button in the upper right corner will save the information.

In the Mobile App, you can see this category special products on your home screen



Congrats!!! Now your category special products are enabled to the public, Which will help your customers make an informed decision with their purchase on the home page.