After purchasing the app, you will receive an email containing the App kit with the activation code, which will be used to activate and open the app from activation mode. This email will be sent to the same email address you specified when purchasing. Let's see in detail how to activate the license key.

License Activation

  • Step 1. 

Go to the website and raise the ticket to activate your license key.


You can get the license information status and manage the activations/deactivations yourself at the customer portal website:

Below is a screenshot of how to raise a ticket

To fill out a ticket form for a request to activate your app license key. here you can get the purchase code of your code and package id is the one you are going to use in your app for the play store upload In our app com.iamretailer is the package id.


To know how to change your package id from the app source code. please check the below link 

  • Step 2. team will generate the key and which will be sent within 3 hours to the same email address you specified when purchasing.  Save this key as it is to be used in the proceeding steps. 

An example mail screenshot is given below

  • Step 3.

On your Android source code file, open the following path file: 


  • Step 4.

Enter your license key obtained from mail and click to run.

 public  static  String APP_KEY = "<place_your_license_key>";

  • Step 5.

Congratulations! Your license has been successfully activated and the application is ready to go.