1.  Before  Install this extension you must check the following file

     File path: admin>>controller>>marketplace>>install.php

     Goto line no : 124  and add the below values inside the array $allowed


2.  Procedure to install extension:

    (Download our  mobile_api.ocmod.zip from code & extension folder) 

  • Login to the Opencart Admin Panel

  • Choose Extension->Installer from the Left Side Menu

  • Upload the mobile_api.ocmod.zip

  • Choose Extension->Modification from the Left Side Menu

  • Click the Refresh button at the top right corner. 

  • Choose Extensions->Extension Left Side Menu

  • Click on the “Choose the extension type” select Box

  • Choose the “Module” option

  • Find “Shopping Cart Rest API” click Green Color (+) Install Button (Note: Confirm once Shopping Cart Rest API is selected)

  • Then Click Blue Color Edit Button

  • Select Enable Status

  • Give any IP Address (EX:

  • Click Generate Key Button


 (This will generate key. place this key in Android Application path  app>src>main>java>com.iamretailer>common>appconstants.java value variable and change the domain with your domain)     

  • Click the Save button at the Top Right Corner

  • Choose Systems->Users->API Left Side Menu

  • Click Blue color + symbol add button

  • Give API User Name: x-oc-merchant-id

  • Click Generate Button

  • Choose Status as enable

  • Select IP Address Tab, Give any Ip Address just give 1 enough

  • Click Save Button Top Right Corner. 

  •  You have been successfully installed the mobile extension and app connected with your application.

For App Banners Setup:

Home Screen to setup the slider banner from admin panel menu Design-Banners

Create a banner with the name “App banner” and upload banner images in it. it will start to show in home screen.