How to manage your store with Admin mobile app

How to manage your store with Admin mobile app

The Administration Panel (or the admin panel for short) is the primary tool for you to interact with your online store. designed the Admin app for you to stay connected with your store wherever you are. Here you can manage products and orders, offer discounts, interact with your customers, change the look of your store and do much more as you want. For that first, install the admin app of from the app store. Use this link if you are an Android user 

Signup for your account or sign in if you already have account. This account lets you manage your stores on the go. Add catalogue and manage orders and app export, contact support, and track the current status of your organization.


Once you logged in, Click the start trail for Start selling in your online store next 14 days, For that you have to complete the 3 steps to starting your store successfully. 

Step 1. Basic Information
Step 2. Billing Address
Step 3. Choose a plan (Website or mobile app or Combo or Minicart)

That's all, Your store successfully created and store URL and store login details are available on that success page like the below screenshot

User name admin and password ****** Click the copy button to use login to your store. 
Note: Do not worry if you forget to copy your password, these details will be sent to your login mail id after you create the store.

Stay in control of your store with easy-to-use settings

Once you open the store, the Store dashboard will be there to overview what’s happening with your store currently. Customers count, products count and orders count on the first section and your store Main admin panel links available on the second section. This app has only a few major features for quick setup and the Rest of all features are available in your Main admin panel.
The smart menu on top and shortcuts on bottom menus leads you to control store features such as Store setting, Product adds, Category adds, Order manages, app export etc., Let's look at one by one step until your store is complete and ready to release.

In the Top Menu, Choose the store setting to add the details of your store.


Fill in the 3 pages to complete the store settings. Here it automatically fills in what we have filled out in-store creation form. You can modify it if you want to change the details. Add the store logo and favicon with the corresponding image sizes.


A more helpful & easy product adding experience for you 

Having a plan for how you want to structure and organize your products in your store can be beneficial. Look at all of your products, sort them by category, start spreading and make them smaller. Take a look at your competitor's store layout for inspiration and see what works best in your field.

As always, think about your customer's experience when planning. Easy navigation creates happy visitors and transforms happy customers.

First, let's look at how to create the category

Open the Category menu and click the "+" button to create new


Fill up the following details
Category image: Upload your category image (Use less than 1MB size to save your customer data)
Category name: Give your category a name
Sort Order: Enter the category sequence number
Parent: Choose the parent category, if this is a parent category then should skip it
Status: Enable the status to be visible in-store
Click the checkbox of "Is top" if you want to display this category in the top menu 
Finally, click the submit button to save the category and "Swipe left" to edit or delete the category.

Next, Let's add the product 

Choose product menu and click the "+" button to create new


Fill up the following details to create a product
Product image: Upload your category image (Use 500*500 size will be better to display on showcase)
Product name: Give your product a name
Model Name: Add the model name of your product (It's for official shop purposes)
Current stock: Enter the total quantity available in the store for this specific product.
MRP: Add the selling price of the product  
Special Price: Add the discount price (strike through selling price and display this special price) 
Description: Describe and explain the benefits of your product.
Status: Choose the enable status of the product to display on the store 
Category mapping: Choose the category for this product  (Select subcategory and parent category to display products on category pages for your customer to see quickly)
Similarly, add all your categories and product to showcase your store and open your store to see how it presents to your customer.

Website view

Mobile app view


Minicart website and mobile view

Effectively handle your customer's orders

When your customer goes through checkout, their order details are automatically transferred to the admin panel orders menu for you to keep track of. The order menu is designed to effectively handle your customers' orders from your mobile, giving them greater control over their order and fulfilment processes, pleasing your customers and ensuring that your operations run smoothly.


Each and every order is available on the list. Also, you can view the order in detail (Ordered products, payment, shipping charge and address etc.,), Generate an invoice, print and share it with customers instantly.


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