What Apple devices are supported?
Our iOS app supported on the following platforms: iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10.0.x 
Android studio version supported?
i.am.retailer app supports the latest versions also. List of supported studio versions are Android 10.x, Android 9.x, Android 8.x, Android 7.x, Android 6.x,...
Is it possible to upload bulk import my existing products list into IAR?
Yes, it can be possible. For the first time, that will be done by the IAR team and let you train.  After that, if you want to do it by our team, that can al...
What kind of version is required for the existing OpenCart website?
App required OpenCart 3.x for optimal performance. Opencart 2.x will be supported with minor limitations.
Already set up a website visible countries option, Is it needed to update in app also?
There is not required, which countries are selected on the website that also will be shown in the app also.
Does it support multilingual language?
Yes, the i.am.retailer app supports multilingual-language and you can also create your language by modifying the provided code.
What should I do if I have some product images that aren't shown in the app?
First, check your product display setting. For example, you can select the product view for the user instead of the customer. Make sure the product status i...
Can you clarify, If the app needs an Opencart website or it’s a native app without a website?
Sure, i.am.retailer app has two model packages, one is for users who already have the Opencart website and another one for those who don't have a live ...
Does the application show the payment methods and delivery methods that are configured on the website?
Yes, It will show the list both payment and delivery methods based on the configuration of the website.
Do I need Apple and Google Developer Accounts?
Yes, Both Apple and Google need to open your own developer accounts. However, our i.am.retailer publishing team will handle the heavy lifting to submit your...