If any customer choose the plan which contains Android App then they can build their Android app via their i.am.retailer admin panel

Below are the guideline to export client app

   1. Go to menu Themes - App Theming menu

   2. It will show this screen


Package Id: unique identifier of your app it will show up in playstore like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.iar.<package id>. once this added for first time it can not be changed. so need to get valid name.

App Name: App Name which will be displayed below the launcher icon

Version Code: Number to show the version for initial build use 1

Version Name: Name for you app release for initial build use version 1.0

App Icon:  You can get the app icon from here by posting your logo https://appicon.co/ 

Once the app icon generated from the download folder you can see an image playstore.png use that to attach in this place.

Logo: upload the png image with max height 50px .

Splash Logo: Upload the png image with max height 250px. for these logo resize you can use https://picresize.com/

Is return need: If client has order return support can enable this

Is whatsapp need: If client wants to show whatsapp icon in home can use this 

Whatsapp number: If whatsapp need enabled need to provide the whatsapp number with country code don't include +.  ex: 919965077905

Theme Variant: Choose you interested theme variant

Theme Color: Choose you interested theme color

License key: which you will be received in the mail along with store credential when you register your store with ssp portal. use that license key here.

3.Once all done as per the provided information save the details.

4. Then click the Generate button to generate your app

5. The app link will be shared to the ssp portal created account mail id not the store mail id, it will be send to the registered user mail ID

Before all from the admin panel setup the store information and contact details properly and also if razor pay client need save the key and secret in the shipping method.